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Bling for the big day: Outside-the-box bridal styles for 2016

Going back to nature

‘Spring’ engagement ring from the ‘Seasons’ collection by Shelly Purdy for Maple Leaf Diamonds, with 18-karat Canadian certified gold and Maple Leaf Diamond centre.

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, retreating to nature beckons. Not only do whimsical nature-themed jewellery designs help us connect with a simpler way of being, but the sustainability and ethical sourcing movement grows stronger with each passing year, particularly among millennials. They are one of the major purchasing segments for the bridal sector and a demographic that will only get bigger as they get older. It’s not surprising then that catering to their views and way of looking at the world through jewellery design is a major focus for the industry.

18-karat white gold floral engagement ring from Parade Designs’ ‘Lyria’ collection, with satin-finish leaves and diamonds.

“Millennials want to feel a deeper connection to the Earth, gravitating toward getting back to nature and protecting it,” says Shelly Purdy for Maple Leaf Diamonds. “The growing ‘mind, body, and spirit’ movement wants ethically sourced diamonds and gold, with nature-inspired organic textures and symbols. They want to feel good about their engagement and wedding ring purchase. There is a reawakening to the fragile beauty of the world around us, and flora and fauna are trending for 2016.”

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