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Bling for the big day: Outside-the-box bridal styles for 2016

Colour is a girl’s best friend

18-karat white gold ring by MDL Diamonds, with .70-carat natural square-cut radiant yellow diamond and white sides (.75 ctw).

Although beautiful and the eternal symbol of love, a white diamond isn’t always the go-to when it comes to engagement rings. Move over white brilliant cut; the pop of colour is coming on strong among some brides. Whether a classic blue sapphire ring à la Kate Middleton or the celebrity-inspired yellow diamond showstoppers of the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, coloured gem and diamond engagements rings offer sparkle and sophistication.

“Fancy yellow diamonds are hot this spring,” says George Mimar, chief financial officer for MDL Diamonds. “The beauty of canary diamonds is that they are not as rare as natural pinks, which makes them affordable, but scarce enough you won’t see them on the finger of every woman walking down the aisle.”

2.15-carat pink sapphire ring by Yael Designs with pear-shape diamonds (.28 ctw) in 18-karat white gold setting with diamonds (.26 ctw).

Yehouda Saketkhou, CEO of Yael Diamonds, says brides are using coloured stones to express their individuality. “In the high-end market, pink diamonds are coveted because they offer that perfect combination of femininity and originality,” he says. “Brides are also considering bolder shapes like three-stone settings, as well as bolder colours beyond blue sapphire, such as champagne diamonds and pink sapphires.”

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