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Bling for the big day: Outside-the-box bridal styles for 2016

Shape shifter

14-karat rose gold bridal set by Stuller, with emerald-cut morganite.

According to the pollsters, a round brilliant diamond accounts for about 75 per cent of all engagement ring sales, and for good reason. With its 58 facets, the stone returns light like no other. For the traditional bride, the classic shape is simply sublime, but for those striving for something unique, the fancy shapes are where it’s at.

“More adventurous brides are leaning toward shapes outside the classic round stone,” says Morgan Bares, Stuller’s engagement, anniversary, and eternity product manager. “We are seeing oval, emerald, and cushion centre stone shapes trending, as they are classic, yet a beautiful update on the round stone.”

14-karat white gold halo engagement ring by Noam Carver, with oval centre diamond.

Bridal designer Noam Carver agrees, but adds pear and marquise cuts to that list. “Demand has really increased for these cuts set as delicate solitaires or with matching halo shapes,” he says.
“I would also recommend retailers purchase some unique diamond cuts, such as old mine or rose cuts. Offer your customers something out of the ordinary, something most jewellers don’t have.”

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