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Channel surfing: Can the independent jeweller really manage multi-channel marketing?

You can’t do everything, so do what your customers want most!

Channel preference varies by user age, gender, and socio-economic status. Since it is impossible for any retailer to manage all available messaging channels effectively, store owners must strategically concentrate their efforts on those that are of most value to their customers. While baby boomers strongly prefer print advertising, younger shoppers default to digital channels. According to comScore Media’s multi-platform analysis of social media demographics, two-thirds of customers aged 18 to 34 choose Snapchat; when only women in this age range are considered, Instagram becomes the messaging channel of choice. Men in this age range gravitate toward Pandora and Spotify, two music-streaming services offering advertising opportunities to jewellers. As you might expect, Facebook remains the giant in the room, capturing 80 per cent of customers between the ages of 18 to 49.

It is very important to understand that every channel is unique. Digital channels in particular tend to be highly individualized; each social media channel has its own set of communication norms and expectations. For example, imagery shared on Instagram tends to be more polished and artistic, while Snapchat content is far more informal and playful.

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