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Channel surfing: Can the independent jeweller really manage multi-channel marketing?

Getting started: You can do this

The jeweller who wants to improve the integration and effectiveness of their marketing channels should begin by making a complete inventory of which ones they’re currently using and the reach each enjoys. The next step is to craft the story that needs to be consistently and frequently shared across all platforms to boost awareness among your target audience. Determining how to share this story requires forming a strategic plan that includes input from all stakeholders, meaning staff and external partners, along with the brands and vendors with which the retailer works. After implementation, metrics must be reviewed frequently to assess each channel’s effectiveness. Adjust as needed to boost engagement or to incorporate new channels as they emerge.

The process of going through what channels you’re using, how effective they are, and what you’d like to be doing in the future takes a lot of the mystery and stress out of multi-channel marketing. Even the smallest jewellery shop manages more than one communications channel already! Don’t let the labels intimidate you. If you’re devoted to giving your customers superior personal service, multi-channel becomes so much simpler. Just keep the focus on communicating with your customers the way they like to be communicated with, and everything else will fall into place.

Jennifer Shaheen is president and founder of The Technology Therapy Group, a full-service marketing agency that helps independent jewellery retailers and growing brands connect effectively with their target audience. She writes regularly for Bank of America’s Small Business Forum and is a regular speaker at industry events, including American Gem Society’s (AGS’s) Conclave, Polygon, and more. Shaheen can be contacted via e-mail at
or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter @TechTherapist.

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