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Las Vegas lowdown: Cautious buying and high hopes for a turnaround

Chris Iliopoulos, owner of Montreal-based Sothil, which recently picked up British brand, AVI-8, said social media campaigns not only complement traditional advertising methods, but in some cases, surpass it in importance.

“Mainstream companies have now realized the power of social media, particularly when it comes to conveying a lifestyle, rather than just a product,” he explained. “Also, the use of social media influencers with millions of followers can help build a brand.”

No doubt, smartwatches have taken a bite out of the traditional watch business. And while many brands have thrown their hat into the wearables ring and created their own smartwatch, traditional watches are still holding their own.

Eric Senftleben, vice-president planning and operations at Citizen Watch Company of Canada, says the influx of smartwatches on the market from traditional watch brands is a sign of the times, but not a betrayal of the old-fashioned way of keeping time.

“If companies don’t move forward and just do what they’ve always done, they fail to exist,” he said. “People will always wear something on their wrist. It’s a reflection of their personality, just like jewellery. Time is something you live through. It exists around you and you’re always concentrating on it. Your phone is your phone, but a watch is something you always look at.”

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