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Diamonds might be forever, but their slogan isn’t

Decades after the campaign “A diamond is forever” got its start, a new slogan and marketing campaign have been crafted for the diamond industry.

The “Real is rare. Real is a diamond,” campaign launched this week with the goal of capitalizing on the Millennial. Millennials are a market worth targeting, as recent reports have shown them among the top diamond purchasers in the United States.

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Las Vegas lowdown: Cautious buying and high hopes for a turnaround

Three words grace the glass wall of Martin Bunting’s office: truth, transparency, and teamwork. As the recently appointed CEO of Calgary-based ammolite jewellery company, Korite, he is tasked with growing the brand in North America, Europe, and Asia. And he’s relying on truth, transparency, and teamwork to help him do that—or “move Korite to 2.0 from the 1.0 stage it was at,” as he puts it.

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