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On a silver platter: A look at 2015’s biggest trends in silver jewellery


Confident cuffs

The cold and snowy weather will be gone in no time and summer will soon be here, along with short sleeves. Style watchers say bold cuffs are slated to make a big statement this year, and jewellers are answering the call. Slip on a cuff and you’ve taken the guess work out of adding a touch of bling to an ensemble. It’s also a jewellery staple that never goes out of style and may even empower you with its bold look.

“This season is about making a personal statement in sterling silver,” says Jodi McLoughlin, director of marketing and design for Thistle & Bee. “A wide sterling cuff”¦ creates a beautifully dynamic look that is bold and very personal. Particularly interesting is the mix of chunky gemstone cuffs layered with colourful stacking bangles or high-polish links for a truly individual fashion statement.”

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