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On a silver platter: A look at 2015’s biggest trends in silver jewellery

A touch of silver with your leather?

Let’s face it… most men are perfectly content wearing a watch and/or ring. But for the fashion-conscious, a bit more man bling may be in order. As a category, men’s jewellery has taken off in the last few years, offering gents a lot more variety and materials to satisfy everything from the rebel that may be lurking inside to the metrosexual who always puts his best Gucci loafer forward. Enter leather bracelets with silver accents.

“Men are more interested in accessorizing than ever before, and they’re looking for something better than the basic stainless steel or other non-precious metal men’s jewellery you find in most stores today,” says Neil Travis, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of First Jewelry.

For a bolder look, consider pairing a leather bracelet with a gemstone bead bracelet in matte onyx, jasper, or pyrite to kick things up a notch style-wise.

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