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On a silver platter: A look at 2015’s biggest trends in silver jewellery


It seems X will mark the spot in 2015. Also known as criss-cross rings, X-rings are gracing the fingers of celebrities and fashionistas everywhere intent on a cool, chic, and funky look. Yet, their design serves a practical purpose as well: creating a lower-cost ring that looks bigger than it actually is.

“Even though the rings are much wider than traditional rings, all the open space makes them weigh much less,” says Steven Greenwald, owner of Toronto-based Supreme Silver. “Normally companies will hollow and thin out a ring as much as possible to lower its weight. These rings show a new way of thinking.”

Whether plain, hammered, or pavé-set with stones, or even a single or double X, criss-cross rings make a statement with their unique shape and style.

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