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Vision quest: Tips and tricks of custom design

By Llyn L. Strelau

The author and his client consulting on a custom design.
The author and his client consulting on a custom design.

Most of my career has centred on creating custom-designed jewellery for individual clients. As such, a review of my past work would show a comparatively schizophrenic collection of jewellery, since most designs were largely driven by my clients’ needs and desires.

Since custom design clients are not simply pointing to a finished piece in my showcase or image portfolio and saying “I want THAT ring,” I have had to develop a number of techniques to help draw out what he or she really wants.

My initial approach involves the use of a computer-based image portfolio written specifically for my business. Like most designers, I had a series of photo albums with images of my work that proved impossible to keep up to date and sorted without constantly re-arranging the photos, not to mention finding albums that would stand up to constant use without falling apart. A computer version of my portfolio solves all these issues.

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