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B2B polished diamond selling service launches

De Beers has launched a business-to-business (B2B) pilot project for selling polished diamonds. The project will allow businesses to sell their diamonds in a new, direct way. De Beers Auction Sales (DBAS) will offer midstream diamond companies the chance to sell certain types of polished diamonds to other trade participants using its auction platform. This sales service for polished diamonds is an extension of the same service De Beers offers for rough diamonds. The rough diamond B2B sales pilot launched earlier this year.

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Spence Diamonds expands stateside

Spence Diamonds is heading south. The Canadian diamond company will open two stores in the United States this fall. The first locations will open in early November in Austin, TX and San Jose, CA. A third location will open in early 2017, in Scottsdale, AZ. Additional planned locations in other U.S. markets will likely be announced. 

Spence will build on the business principles of its established Canadian stores—including their focus on educating the customer and making … Continue reading Spence Diamonds expands stateside

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Diamonds might be forever, but their slogan isn’t

Decades after the campaign “A diamond is forever” got its start, a new slogan and marketing campaign have been crafted for the diamond industry.

The “Real is rare. Real is a diamond,” campaign launched this week with the goal of capitalizing on the Millennial. Millennials are a market worth targeting, as recent reports have shown them among the top diamond purchasers in the United States.

Millennials have grown up in a fast-paced, ever-changing … Continue reading Diamonds might be forever, but their slogan isn’t

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Magnificent Jewels auction to be held in November

For most, this is the stuff of dreams. For some, it could be reality. Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction will take place in Geneva this November.

Some of the show-stopping diamonds being auctioned include: Miroir de l’amour diamond earrings—the world’s largest pear-shaped, D-flawless diamonds with symmetrical cut (each weighing more than 50 carats); Le jardin d’Isabelle diamond necklace weighing a total of 140 carats; and an exceptionally rare, fancy vivid, pear-shaped pink diamond with no trace of … Continue reading Magnificent Jewels auction to be held in November

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Peer-to-peer trend hits jewellery market

Peer-to-peer networks seem to be popping up in every industry: hospitality is dealing with Airbnb, taxis are dealing with Uber, and the banks are dealing with Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a communication model which gives each party the same capabilities. In this model individuals are not assigned to be either the ‘client’ or the ‘server’ but can act as both.

Now there’s a new peer-to-peer network in the jewellery industry. Or at least there is … Continue reading Peer-to-peer trend hits jewellery market

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