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PAJ Canada: Finding success in a new reality

Mary Milan is on a bit of a high these days—a record high, that is. Although PAJ Canada, the company she leads as its senior vice-president, grappled with the same pressures as the rest of the industry last year, judging by recent events, she’s expecting much different results in 2016.

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Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds

Leon Peres believes in travelling light, although he sometimes has little choice in the matter. If you’ve caught him visiting a jewellery store, it’s likely because he’s hosting a diamond-cutting event for Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, for which he serves as senior vice-president, marketing and business development.

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Beverly Hills Jewellers: Paying it forward

The jewellery department at Beverly Hills Jewellers looks like that of any other manufacturing operation.Rows of benches line either side of the room, while flex shafts and other tools of the trade lie within easy reach of the jewellers creating its bridal and fashion lines.

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