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Profile: Myles Mindham celebrating 25 years

Walking up the shrub-lined path towards the entrance of his three-story Hazelton Avenue townhouse located in Toronto’s prestigious Yorkville neighbourhood, visitors are greeted by an enchanting garden strewn with magical metal creatures beckoning them into the beguiling showroom oasis where Myles Mindham awaits.

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Mindham Fine Jewellery celebrates 25 years

Mindham Fine Jewellery is celebrating 25 years of business with a limited edition collection that is near and dear to the heart of founder, Myles Mindham. Inspired by nature and the imaginative fantasy forests found in children’s literature, the celebratory collection is aptly named, Magic Woodland.

“I have always been attracted to mystical, fantastic stories, places, and objects,” said Mindham. “As a child, reading books transported me to an enchanted fantasyland where magical thinking could … Continue reading Mindham Fine Jewellery celebrates 25 years

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Toronto businesses face possible commercial parking tax

This November, Toronto’s executive committee will consider several ways to increase the city’s bottom line, including a commercial parking levy. This parking tax could spell disaster for the city’s small businesses. Toronto is considering implementing a fee of one dollar per day, per parking spot (including both paid and unpaid spots).

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