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Showtime on the strip: News, views, and trends from JCK Las Vegas 2018

From a design standpoint, Malo Creations CEO, Habib Malo, says the key to capturing customers’ interest lies in understanding what they want. His strategy is to use customer feedback to create designs that respond to demand. This approach led the company to victory in the platinum jewellery under US$10,000 category at the 2018 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards.

“Precision, craftsmanship, technology, and innovation are all essential,” Malo says. “We strive to make pieces that are not just unique, but also sellable.”

Yet, what exactly makes a piece “sellable?” When it comes to the bridal market, shape and setting play a crucial role, according to Christopher Designs’ chief marketing officer, Michael O’Connor.

“Halos are still number one, as has been borne out in research we’ve seen from bridal publications and in our own conversations with retailers,” he says. “Ovals are an important shape that seems to go, maybe because of recent celebrity ring designs.”

RDI Diamonds owner Nico Palmieri also noted the growing popularity of two-carat ovals, and of large diamonds and “riskier” fancy shapes in general. Of course, shape and size are not the only important considerations—O’Connor says yellow and pink diamonds are in high demand, as are rose and yellow gold.

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