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Showtime on the strip: News, views, and trends from JCK Las Vegas 2018

Indeed, curiosity abounds about next year’s planned venue change, which places JCK at the Sands for the first time since 2010.

“I expect attendance to be higher, as people will be interested to see what’s new and how it will change,” says Neuwirth Traurig. “Everyone will be curious to try out the new venue for the first time again.”

“Having JCK/Luxury at the Sands will simplify the trip for retailers, who can merely walk across the street instead of having to trek across town to visit either JCK or Couture,” adds Unninayar. “This will likely result in more buyers attending both shows.”

Sam Mamane, president of Italgem Steel, echoes this sentiment, highlighting some of the logistical difficulties inherent in the show’s current venue.

“This year’s show map was not well organized,” he says. “I think the Sands will have a better layout, and we will continue to exhibit at JCK.”

However, as Tense Watch’s Thomson points out, location alone does not make the show.

“The venue change could be a plus, I think, but much more will be needed in order to save the show or at least keep it relevant,” he warns. “At this point, we would likely need to see a decrease in expenses going forward.”

Just how JCK might adapt to these problems remains to be seen, but in the meantime, Wasylyshyn says attendees should bear in mind the fact their ultimate success depends on something else altogether: themselves.

“There’s no magic,” he says. “The show will not solve any of your problems. Take good care of your accounts, bring value to their businesses, ask for referrals, keep things fresh with new products, prepare yourself with advance promotion and appointments, and then the show will bring you ‘good luck.’”

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