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Showtime on the strip: News, views, and trends from JCK Las Vegas 2018

Indeed, rose gold was highlighted as the metal of the moment by many of JCK’s exhibitors. Christina Eliopulos, vice-president of sales for Bulova, says the metal’s popularity in the bridal market indicates customers have faith in its long-term appeal.

“Rose gold complements every skin tone, while yellow gold can be harsh,” she adds.

As for the watch market Bulova itself deals in, Eliopulos says recent trends have pointed to clean, simple, minimalistic designs, with a strong lean toward automatic movements.

Stackables have also captured large swathes of the market, with stackable rings of all styles and price points on offer throughout the JCK show floor.

“It’s about really giving the customer endless possibilities to personalize a completely unique look,” says Blaire Hovis, director of fine jewellery for Stuller. “It’s all about mixing, matching, and stacking, whether to create the perfect fashion statement or add to that celebratory piece for an updated look.”

“A couple trends I observed included hoop earrings, mix-and-match stackable or customizable necklaces, rings, and bracelets, and the use of opals, emeralds, and aquamarine gemstones in designs,” adds Jen Cullen Williams, managing director of Luxury Brand Group. “There were certainly more trends, but those caught my attention as I walked the show floor.”

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